Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Petition For Adoption

So I am sitting here looking at our Petition for Adoption. It's finally here...hopefully just a few weeks away. I'm going to sign this document and send it to the attorneys and we should get a court date soon. It seems like I have been waiting for this forever, with all the delays that we have had. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for smooth sailing here on out. This Fall, Kayla should be "officially" my daughter.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The first day of school

Kayla started eighth grade this morning. I can't believe it. When I was driving down Lee Avenue to drop her off at school, I felt like I had just taken this route yesterday instead of three months ago. What a crazy, fast, emotional summer it has been! Hopefully, the start of school and the fall season will bring good things with it. I'm ready for a routine and some peacefulness. It is certain to go by fast, though, as Kayla has dance five hours a week for three nights a week until nine o'clock at night. So our days will be work and school, homework (hopefully!), dinner, dance and bedtime. It will be Christmas before we know it.
Last year Kayla was the new girl at school and knew no one. This year she has a host of friends and has kept in contact with them all summer. She has a best friend who is on the dance team with her and they planned their first day of school outfits together. She claims to not like her teachers or her schedule but at least she has the social part down for now and feels comfortable and excited about going back to be with her friends. It's hard to believe the changes one year can bring in both our lives.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

She's off to camp

Kayla is off to camp today. A sports and adventure camp is offering foster care children an opportunity to go to a week-long camp free of charge. As the normal fee for this camp is $1,500, this is a great opportunity for these kids. I wasn't sure Kayla would want to go but she was excited about it. Kids from all over the South will be there and she will get to experience all different sorts of kids with all different backgrounds. I'm hoping maybe being around these children who are no longer with their parents may help enable her to open up more about her past. We'll see. But she gets a week away one last time before school starts and I get a week to recharge before the crazy school/dance routine begins for the year. Now I have to figure out what to do with myself for a week!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dancing queen

Kayla made the Platinum Dance Team at her dance studio. This is the junior varsity team and one step down from the elite team. All of the dancers on it are 14-15 except for Kayla and her friend Chloe. They both were also asked to try out for the Elite team which is all older girls but Kayla was glad to make the junior varsity team-she wasn't quite ready to be with the older girls yet. I'm so excited for her. I know she will do well and have fun. We register for school today--I can't believe the summer is already over! Where did it go?