Thursday, May 29, 2008

A whole new world

Today I got the call that could change my life forever. Kayla's caseworker called me and said she is so excited to meet me and doesn't want to wait any longer. She sleeps with the photo album I gave her! We are still waiting on her medical records but I'm going to do disclosure tomorrow with the records they do have available. However, I was told she is not your typical DHS child. From all acounts, she is a happy, healthy, normal little girl. Her passion is dance, she plays the flute, and she is a pageant girl. She is an honor roll student and excels at math and science (unlike the English major here). She is social and outgoing and very involved in her life despite what she has been through the past few years. I talked to her foster parents today, who are relatives, and, without going into any details, I will tell you it was an amazing, God-inspired conversation. I have no doubt in my mind now that I am supposed to be the mother of this little girl. Tomorrow afternoon, I am meeting her for the first time with her caseworker. And then I'm going to her dance recital rehearsal. If all goes well, I will attend her dance recital Saturday evening. What a weekend! And to think five hours ago, I had totally different plans for the weekend. But God knows differently.

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