Sunday, October 19, 2008

Four day weekend

Wow. We have had a very busy weekend. Kayla had Friday and Monday off from school for teacher work days. We went to the Arkansas State Fair Friday and had a wonderful time. It was perfect fall weather. Kayla has been talking nonstop about the fair for the last month. She was so excited. We met up with her uncle and cousin and I'm soooo glad they were there because I got sick on a ride and Kayla would have been bored to death with just me. I can't believe I can no longer tolerate all these rides I used to spend hours on. I guess I really am getting older! We stayed at the fair for almost eight hours and Kayla rode just about everything on the Midway and we toured the Hall of Industry and got free stuff and we pet llamas, sheep and goats. And she kept thanking me over and over for taking her.

Saturday we went shopping for much needed winter clothes. I think and hope that she is set until at least Christmas. I still can't believe she came here with no jeans or winter clothes to her name. Saturday night, Kayla's friend Miranda stayed over and I took them out for pizza and then to see The Secret Life of Bees. Great movie and we all cried.

And then today I have been kid-free all day and all night long. Kayla went to Miranda's this morning and will be there until after work tomorrow. So I finally got a Sunday to rest and take a real long nap and read a really good book.

But I do kind of miss her...

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