Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally Friday

Well, I sent Kayla back to school this morning. She has been fever free for over 24 hours so I figure she'll be alright. She also cleaned her room yesterday so I figure she must be feeling better if she actually did that. She's got a lot of makeup work to do, though, so she will have a fun weekend. ;)

We went to our therapy session last night and this therapist is going to be a good one. She asks you those questions you don't want to answer. She had Kayla hiding in the corner behind the couch because the questions got too uncomfortable for her. I think she will be good, though, in getting everything out in the open as painful as it may be. Kayla told her on the way out, "I don't like you today." We'll start seeing her every week from now on. Kayla will have her own session with her and then we will have family counseling right after. So we should be getting down to the heart of all her issues pretty soon. We'll see how this goes.

I am so far flu-free but absolutely exhausted trying to juggle work and caring for a sick child and trying to get all her school work together and doing the regular household duties...not a fun week. Hopefully next week, we'll be back to normal-whatever that is.


Tracey said...

Well, at least the week is over and you survived. And if it takes a fever to get a child to clean her room, I'd like to know if Kayla is still contagious!

As for therapy, our therapist had S on the floor covering her ears which I also took as a good sign!

RamblingMother said...

Def have to dig the bad out to heal properly. Praying for you both as healing and therapy progress. Glad the flu is gone from you.