Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodbye Michael Jackson

Thank you for creating the soundtrack to my life! Whatever you may have thought about Michael Jackson the person, you can't deny he was a talented artist. His music and dancing will live on forever. Even Kayla, who wasn't alive in his heyday, has choreagraphed a dance to "Thriller" with a friend this past week.


obladi oblada said...

I know...my kids were imitating him the other day at the pool...his death has brought him some new fans, and reminded us old fans of how talented, despite everything, he was.

Holly said...

He was a talent, weird, but a talent. I still remember jr high and his popularity then. that was like the be all end all of everything.

Dnaymay said...

Hello. I found your blog from an old post at the adoption forums. I also adopted my daughter from foster care when she was older. (8)

I think it is a life that not many understand. I am glad to find your blog and read.