Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank God for a three-day weekend

I'm so tired. I've been crazy busy at my new job, overcome with allergies, dealing with Kayla's staph infection and teenage attitude, and trying to sell my house. We ended up at the Children's Hospital last weekend for a bug bite on Kayla's chest that grew to the size of a golfball. The first round of antibiotics didn't work but this new one seems to be doing the trick. It hasn't been fun for her, though, because she's had to stay out of the water. She also hasn't felt good which makes her extra moody. Kayla is at a friend's house tonight and I'm enjoying the rest. We are going to stay here this weekend and do some low-key activities, like paint pottery, go to a movie, go to the Clinton Library and see the Space Exhibit, and go downtown to watch fireworks. We also have an open house to get ready for on Sunday so it looks like I'll be doing some heavy duty cleaning also.

I'm so glad I can say goodbye to June and I hope that July fares us much better. We leave next Saturday for the beach and that in and of itself has to make it better. I can't wait to relax with the family and Kayla has never seen the ocean so that will be a wonderful experience to share with her. So starting now, I'm counting down the days until I see white sand...

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