Saturday, February 7, 2009

Social butterfly

Kayla is becoming quite the social butterfly. In the last two months, she's been to at least four birthday parties. The latest one was tonight. I dropped her off at a friend's house for the little girl's 13th birthday. The latest craze is dance parties. I think this is the third dance party she's been to this year. All the girls get dressed up and giggle over the guys. She called me and wanted to spend the night with her friend Emily Claire afterwards so I picked them up and dropped them off and now have a night to myself. It is 12:30 a.m. and I am awake just because I want to do what I want as long as possible. The house is quiet and I can sleep in tomorrow. Maybe she'll be invited to another one next weekend. Here's crossing my fingers....;)


Holly said...

So glad she's off having a good time with her friends and you are getting a break and some peace and quiet.

Tracey said...

I'm jealous! You're lucky to have such a little social butterfly. I hope you did something fun with your free night. And by fun I mean put your feet up and pampered yourself!

obladi oblada said...

Arent moments to ourselves wonderful? I love the hour or so after the kids go to bed and I can do WHATEVER I want!