Thursday, November 20, 2008

National Adoption Day

Kayla and I attended a celebration party for National Adoption Day on Saturday, November 15. It was a gathering of all the people who adopted children this year in Pulaski County and all those who are wanting to adopt children. They had the Heart Gallery on display of all the beautiful children that are available for adoption. They also did a slideshow entitled "This is Home" of all the families that have recently adopted. A professional photographer held a photoshoot in September and took our photos specifically for this video. She took a bunch but my favorite shot is the one I posted above. There was not a dry eye in the house during the video. When they showed "The Gray Family," all the caseworkers cheered real loud. They love Kayla and call her "Miss Diva" and "Drama Queen." We also gave our caseworker, Monica, one of these pictures because without her I wouldn't have Kayla. They also let all the adoptive parents take home our children's "Heart Gallery" photo because "they don't need them anymore because they all have a home." It was a special night and also put a desire in my heart for maybe another one...a little one this time. I guess I'll just see what God has planned for me.


Torina said...

That is a really GREAT picture!!

Maggie said...

That's such a nice photo -- thanks for sharing.

p.s. Is Kayla double-jointed? Her elbow is practically bent backwards. :-)