Monday, November 24, 2008

Starting Christmas Early

Kayla and I had yet another busy weekend and I am sure we will stay busy through the holiday season. She had a friend from her old school spend the night with her Friday and they went to a school dance together. I think they stayed up most of the night while I went to bed early.

Saturday night we went to see the much-anticipated Twilight. It was pretty good...the casting of Bella made me like her more but I'm still not sure about Edward's casting. I loved the rest of the Cullens, though, especially Alice. I thought they were perfect.

Sunday we went to a friend's birthday party for her son and then to see my friend Carrie's newborn daughter. She is so little!

We also got out the Christmas decorations this weekend. We decorated the tree together while playing Christmas music. Kayla realized, however, that we do not have anything to go on top of the tree so we are now on a mission to find something. Kayla also has us watching ABC Family because they are playing Christmas movies nonstop. So it is Christmas at our house and we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!

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