Monday, November 10, 2008

Nonstop activity

I've been so exhausted lately...the time change and total darkness by the time I leave work leaves me drained at night.

We had another busy weekend. Kayla went to the movies with some of her friends from school Friday night and was excited to be asked to go. And for me, I got to catch up on some much needed rest.

Saturday, we had brunch with my grandparents. They were excited to see Kayla and get copies of her school picture. We sat down with them to watch the Razorback game but then left after the first interception which led me to believe, rightfully so, that it would be a long game.

Saturday afternoon, Kayla and I both stopped into Supercuts and got our hair cut. Neither of ours had been cut since the early summer so we are sporting much healthier hair now.

We went to the Arkansas Repertory Theatre's Young Artists Production Saturday night and it was awesome. I think Kayla really liked it and would love to be in it. They hold auditions in the spring but she isn't sure she can do the singing part.

Sunday, we went to church, the grocery store and a two hour adventure to find some decent winter shoes for Kayla. She kept asking me "What are winter shoes?" and I told her "You keep telling me your feet are freezing so to me that means you need some shoes that will cover your feet and keep you warm in the winter." Myself, I learned never to go shopping in heels again and bought me some moccasins so I wouldn't have feet feel much better today.

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