Thursday, September 10, 2009

We have a date

October 6 is our finalization date. I can't believe it's almost here after all this time. I'm trying to think of some things to do to celebrate that special day...does anybody have any ideas?

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Tracey said...

Congratulations!! As you know we're in the same boat. We're finalizing on Wednesday and our plans are still up in the air. I know I'm taking the day off and keeping her out of school and we're going to do something fun. I have some family members and close friends coming to the courthouse and we're definitely doing lunch afterwards. I also have a lovely necklace for her and will get a card before then. And of course we're having a party sometime this fall. I also decided tonight that the two of us are getting manis/pedis this Sunday. My AT says to keep it low-key while still making it a special day so I'm striving for some sort of balance. Not easy but the poor kid is a nervous wreck. So while we're making plans we're not going crazy.

Good luck! Isn't this an exciting time?? I'm so happy for you both!