Monday, December 8, 2008

Leaves and gingerbread houses

We had another wild and crazy weekend. Kayla had a friend spend the night Friday night and they were actually pretty good, freeing me up to watch some TV shows that I wanted to watch and catch up on some reading. We had a baby shower for a good friend on Saturday and then afterwards we went and ate Chinese food at Kayla's favorite restaurant. Saturday night, we built a gingerbread house together and watched Christmas movies. We laughed and had the "I want a cell phone" conversation. Then we had the "I want a dog" conversation. I'm guessing these conversations never end.

Sunday, we went to a 1-year-old birthday party for another good friend of our's baby. Kayla loves little Caroline and Caroline loves her. They both had a big time. Sunday afternoon, we, along with our friend, Angelia, raked leaves. Yes, I said I raked leaves. I know that's surprising to some of you but I did it. I just thought of it as good exercise. Kayla helped some but she was more interested in making sure we got hot chocolate at the end. She did make us some good hot chocolate, though!

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