Monday, June 9, 2008

Moving Day

Kayla has moved in and it honestly feels like she has been here forever. She has effortlessly fit into my life. Yesterday was a long and stressful day, but we made it through. We endured cracked windshields, 95-degree heat, packing and unpacking three dozen boxes, going to the grocery store, having to go back to the grocery store because they didn't give us all our groceries. So at 8:30 at night, we finally ate dinner and then collapsed. Today, we hung around for the Comcast guy and now Kayla has her own TV set up in her room and we now have a home phone. We then went to Target, JcPenney's and Wal-Mart looking for swimsuits and bedding. We picked out a comforter only to have to drive to three different places to find hot pink sheets. Apparently that is the in color right now because they are sold out everywhere. I still feel like I have so much to do but we are slowly getting there. Hopefully, tonight will be a relaxing one.

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