Wednesday, June 4, 2008

School Issues

I am trying to get Kayla in the best school possible for her and it has been a headache and a half to say the least. But thanks so much to my friend Carey, we may have a chance to get her into Pulaski Heights Middle School. Carey is a teacher at the school and spent all morning talking to the principal and other people to try to get Kayla transferred to the school. The bad news is they said they can't take any other transfers from other school districts. However, Carey gave me the number to Student Assignments and I explained the situation to the woman who answered the phone and she said because of her unique situation I can do an appeal for her to go to Pulaski Heights. So next week I am going to gather up all the information I need and head down to the LRSD office and cross my fingers that she will get into Pulaski Heights. If not, I will start going down the list of magnet and charter schools and just pray that she will get the right school for her. And this is my last night of freedom!

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