Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dance Recital

I went to Kayla's dance recital last night. Have you ever been with hundreds of girls in one place? Wow. Being a backstage mom is pure craziness. I put makeup on her and did all the hair accessories. I'm so not good at the hair thing but I'm learning. Margaret met us at the recital. We had a fun time cheering Kayla on and critiquing everybody else. We also got to meet her half-sister who is a clone of her and loves her "big sissy." Kayla was so excited over the blue and yellow flowers I gave her to match her costumes. Afterwards, we went with the family to McAlister's and Kayla and I got some time to talk. She is excited about coming for an overnight visit next to see what her new house, room and neighborhood look like...and to meet Reba. What an adventure! I'm already worn out....

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