Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picking up a kid from school will drive you crazy

So, we made it through the first day of school after I sat in traffic for half an hour to pick her up. Never again. I will find a different route. Whoever thought of putting an elementary school right next to a middle school in a heavily populated neighborhood served only by one way streets was a genius. Not. I think she did okay. She didn't talk much about it at first but I think she was tired of waiting on me to get through the traffic. Later she started talking all about it. She said her English teacher is mean. She's apparently foreign and hard to understand...I don't understand why a foreign person would be teaching ENGLISH? Sounds backward to me. But I think the kids bonded over trying to understand this teacher. One girl told her, "You're my favorite white girl..." She said she didn't know if that was a compliment or not. She's also one of two 7th graders in her math class--the rest are all 8th graders. I'm worried about this class being too hard for her--not really sure how she ended up in here. But, she did say she got two out of three of the problems right on the first day and hardly any of the other kids did. We had to go back and get more supplies last night--they're killing me. She didn't say much about other kids except for Miranda, a girl she had met previously and I am so glad she did. They appear to be getting close--eating lunch together and talking on the phone every night. And I know Miranda's family so I can rest assured that she is a good kid. She has a different set of classes today due to block scheduling so we will see how Round 2 goes.


Maggie said...

I'm glad she's got Miranda. It's so important for kids to make the right friends. Luckily, Slugger has made friends with a lot of kids that I think are great. I have had to ban him from one kid that was a bad influence, though.

Regarding kayla's English teacher. One of my high school teachers was from Germany and she taught French and English. When I took French in college, I got all A's but my professor was distressed by my poor French accent. She kept sending me for extra sessions in the language lab or else she was going to reduce my grade. Eventually I told her that my high school French teacher was German and she said "That's it! You're speaking French with a slight German accent." Ha!

Beverly said...

way for a wonderful first day.