Monday, August 4, 2008

Goodbye to living in luxury

I said goodbye to my Mercedes Friday. For two years, I got to pretend I was rich and beautiful driving around in my silver Merc. It was fun while it lasted but like all pretty things eventually the luster wears off. And boy did it ever. It was in the shop no less than seven times this summer. And Mercedes are not cheap to repair. So in addition to adjusting to a new daughter I was having to deal with a car that would not go anywhere and lived in the shop and took all my money. So I waved goodbye to the beautiful, luxurious Mercedes and to living the high-life, then hopped into my brand-new 2008 economical, practical, reliable and high gas mileage Honda Civic. And I love it. I just feel like a normal girl with a normal car...and that's alright to me.

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