Thursday, July 31, 2008

You need some more medicine?

Kayla has come down with a cold this week. Now, I'm the type of person who when feeling uncomfortable throws all sorts of pills etc. at my symptoms until I no longer can feel a thing. So when Kayla was feeling bad the other night I had her take her prescription allergy didn't work. So I gave her some OTC nighttime cold knocked her out. I was worried that was too much so I was relieved when she woke up the next morning. However, I knew she couldn't take that medicine and function at her day camp. So we went to the store and got nasal spray and daytime cold medicine, which I promptly told her to take both at the same time, and prayed that I'm not overdosing my kid. But she headed off to the Y this morning where they were going to Wild River Country for the day. Playing in a water park for 8 hours...yea, that will really help her feel better!

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Maggie said...

I hope she did OK. Slugger is on so many prescription medications that I'm always hesitant to give him anything OTC. The last time he had a cold I made him suffer through most of the symptoms. Poor kiddo, he was not a happy camper.