Monday, July 28, 2008

An Answered Prayer

For those of you who have been following the school drama, we got a call yesterday that Kayla was approved to go to Pulaski Heights Middle School. We had to file an appeal for her to go to this school, the top-rated middle school in the LRSD, and I wasn't sure if we would get it. For those of you familiar with the LRSD, there's maybe two middle schools that are decent and the rest are well...not any place I would want to put my kid in. And seeing how I cannot afford private school tuition, I was praying for a miracle and we got it! Thank you to Dr. Daniel Whitehorn, the principal of PHMS, who wrote a letter on our behalf that I'm sure swayed the committee. I owe him big-time. So now Kayla's in the best school for her and I also personally know the principal, school counselor, school nurse and 8th grade English teacher so we will have a lot of support...and she won't be able to get away with anything! I'm so thankful to have this worry off my mind. Kayla is so excited and wants to buy school supplies now. She also needs a whole new wardrobe...I just discovered last night that she has no jeans or pants. None! So we've got a lot of shopping to do. If anyone has hand-me-downs, send them my way.

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