Monday, July 21, 2008

How much can you pack into one weekend?

We had a busy but fun weekend. Friday night, we went to dinner at Chili's and gorged on their awesome queso and then went to Mamma Mia! What a fun movie! Saturday, we ran errands in 100+ degree weather. Kayla got her hair cut. We walked into Supercuts and Kayla wanted a drastic change so she got her hair cut to her shoulders and layered all over. It's very cute and she officially looks like a 7th grader now. Then we had to go buy her tennis shoes because she had outgrown the ones she had. We finally found some orange and pink Nikes she loved at Shoe Carnival. We also went and bought CDs at Target. Camp Rock for her and Mamma Mia! for me. We then used our gift certificate at Cold Stone Creamery. Since it was still early and so hot, I suggested we go see the last showing of Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl. It was a cute movie and even made me cry. Then I fixed tacos and we watched Penelope. I think with all that we had some really good bonding time. Yesterday, Kayla was excited about going to the lake with her church youth group but when we got there, they told us they had changed the time to earlier in the day. No one ever notified us! She was disappointed but got over it quickly. We went and ate pizza and she was so excited about today that she was bouncing around the house all night. We definitely had fun, though, which I wanted her to have before I send her off to her aunt and uncle's for vacation.

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