Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Kayla told the caseworker that one of the best things about living with me is that I cook good dinners! (Those that know me, know that cooking is one of my weakest spots so this is absolutely hilarious to me).

Don't take your dog walking across a huge pedestrian bridge when it is almost 90 degrees out. She will sit down and refuse to move. Then you will have to carry her hot furry body the rest of the way (but hey it was a good arm weight).

You can spend $70 at The Container Store in less than 10 minutes and barely buy anything.

Kayla asked for a Facebook the other night...since when did 12-year-olds need Facebook, MySpace, cell phones, Ipods, laptops, etc....there was no Internet or cell phones when I was growing up and I survived. No wonder kids don't read today and have no idea how to spell.

A tank of gas (premium gas at that) doesn't even last me a week anymore...I want my new car!

What is going on with Madonna and A-Rod?


Maggie said...

Ugh. Slugger doesn't know about Facebook yet, but he has asked for his own email address and a MySpace account. My answer to both was a vehement NO! As it is, I have his account on my computer passworded so he can't use the computer unless I'm in the room. He has so little impulse control, I don't trust him to not get in trouble!

Next year I do think I'm going to buy him one of those Firefly phones. It's a cell phone where you can program 4 or so numbers into it. Then those are the only phone numbers he can call and there's no text messaging or anything like that. He's going to hate it. :-)

Carmine Crayon said...

Hi there, just wanted to give a shout-out. I found your blog from a post on Baggage's. I've enjoyed reading through yours and hope to see more. Looks like we both did our PRIDE training at the same time!