Monday, July 21, 2008

Officially kid-free...for now

I'm officially kid-free for the week. I dropped Kayla off at the Y Day Camp this morning and her uncle is going to pick her up this afternoon. She is then off to St. Louis with them until Saturday. She is so excited about it, especially going to the Cardinals game! She told me at dinner the other night that she wished I would win a million dollars so I could go with them. I thought that was a good sign that maybe, maybe she's starting to attach to me. Also said at dinner the other night, "You need a vacation." Trust me, kid, I know. Little does she know that this week is my vacation. I feel like I have so much to do and nothing to do at the same time. I'm going to catch up on my meetings and spend time with my teenagers that I haven't got to spend quality time with lately...I'm going to take naps...I'm going to read books...I'm going to get Reba's hair cut...I would love a massage if anyone wants to give me one! I'm going to rest up and recharge my batteries and enjoy the silence...and see how long it takes for me to start missing this little girl.

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Maggie said...

After a day of feeling a bit depressed, I enjoyed my week off when Slugger was at camp.

We had a rough transition day when he got back home, but everything is pretty much back to normal now.