Thursday, July 17, 2008

James Bond?

So we went to see Casino Royale at Movies in the Park last night downtown. Is it just me or does anybody else not get the hype for James Bond? I was confused from the get-go and had a hard time following what was going on...and I am a fairly intelligent person. It was all chase, chase, blow things up, kill some people, chase, chase. And I couldn't even figure out who he was chasing or why. Granted, he was nice to look at but I won't be first in line for the next one. Kayla gave up and went to sleep. But it was a beautiful night and we got to be with friends and enjoy the stars in the sky. I'll be first in line for Mamma Mia! though. Definitely the best musical I've ever seen...I'm eager to see how it is on the big screen. Give me something fun and uplifting rather than boring car chases. The Dark Knight is on my list to see also but considering it is sold out until 2010, I will have to practice patience on that one.

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